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The Lancashire Hospitality Co is a collection of award winning food & drink businesses in the North West, from fantastic local pubs to bespoke event catering, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Priding ourselves on timeless Lancashire values; grit, wit & determination, we work extensively with our chefs, managers, suppliers & customers to help deliver the best possible experience in all of our venues, time after time. Drawing from the phenomenal talent of our dedicated team we are constantly working at pushing forward the company by taking the best of each of our businesses & championing it through the group. Learning what we can from each other & becoming greater than the sum of our parts for it.

Ben Boothman

Covid Policy

It’s a sad state of affairs but if we all do our bit, it won’t be for long.

We fully support the NHS track & trace scheme so we may be collecting some contact details from your party. We will only be passing this information on if it’s absolutely essential.

You’ll notice we’ll be washing out hands an awful lot. We’ll be providing lots of stations for washing & sanitising hands in all of our venues, we can’t demand you use them but we would politely request you do. In addition to this we’ll be making sure the businesses themselves are as clean as possible. Some of our opening times & booking windows will have to be altered to accommodate this.

Table service is going to be the new normal for a while, for a few of our venues it’s going to stay normal forever. We’re also making sure contactless ordering & payment is available in all of our venues. So if you can avoid it, stay seated & let us come to you. On that, we know it’s not always easy but please keep your children seated at all times.

We’re applying the government’s one metre plus advice, if you can keep more than a meter away from other guests not in your party we politely ask you do. You are welcome to share a booking inside with another household or if you are outside & keeping your distance you are welcome to meet up with up to six friends.

For a time our bathrooms will have to operate on a one in one out policy, it’s not ideal we know but it’s safer for everyone. The mask question has caused a lot of debate & though we won’t enforce that you wear one those of you who chose to may have to remove it momentarily for the purpose of identifying yourself.

If you aren’t willing to jump through a couple of hoops we will probably have to ask you to leave, it’s nothing personal but if you don’t toe the line there’s a good chance we will pay the price.